Aristocrat Confirms First NFL Slot Machine Game Due in September 2023

As part of a new partnership with Aristocrat Gaming, the NFL will enjoy brand new series of slot games. These new machines will be introduced to casino floors at the beginning of the 2023 NFL season and just in time to ensure that the league’s profile amongst casual gamblers and sports fans improves.

Helping Build Better Brand Awareness

The NFL Super Bowl Jackpots – the first game – will be available as part of the new King Max cabinet, ensuring that players get access to some of the slickest and most worthwhile gameplay experiences. The NFL Super Bowl Jackpots is not going to be a standalone game, but rather a part of an entire series of titles, which will be released over time. NFL SVP of consumer products Joe Ruggiero had this to add:

The unveiling of the first NFL-themed slot machines represents an opportunity to bring the league closer to our fans in a new area.

FL SVP of consumer products Joe Ruggiero

Super Bowl Jackpots will give players a chance to win a $1 million progressive jackpot, which will be available through rich and exciting gameplay features. There are also excellent audio effects that include six licensed fan-favorite stadium anthems which will add to the mood and immersiveness of the entire experience.

Apart from Super Bowl Jackpots, Aristocrat Gaming and the NFL will also be delivering other machines throughout the year, and later – in 2024. Those machines include Overtime Cash, Super Bowl Link, NFL Kickoff, Winning Drive, and Rings of Victory, among others.

Aristocrat Gaming Excited about NFL’s Games Release

The initial game in the series is set to be unveiled at the beginning of the season around September 7. However, no firm date has been confirmed by Aristocrat Gaming nor the NFL just yet which means that the details are still being hammered out.

Aristocrat Gaming has the rights to the 32 teams in the NFL’s logos and it has already enjoyed a steady interest in the upcoming product. The original IP deal signed between the companies goes back 16 months and the slot machines will be available not just in the United States, but also in casinos all across the globe, further helping strengthen the NFL profile.

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