GamCare Welcomes D’Arcy Myers as Interim CEO

With a wealth of experience in independent charity consultancy and a proven track record in driving strategic development and change processes, D’Arcy Myers will play a pivotal role in guiding GamCare through its mission to create a safer and more responsible gambling environment. He will build upon the achievements of his predecessor and utilize his talents to implement impactful change initiatives.

The New CEO Boasts Impressive Expertise

Myers stepped in after previous CEO Anna Hemmings took her leave after a successful five-year tenure. Hemmings was instrumental in expanding GamCare’s scope and fostering meaningful communication with lawmakers and regulators to create a safer, more responsible industry. She left the charity as UK’s premiere gambling harm treatment and prevention authority, setting a high bar for her successors.

Despite the challenging prospects of managing such an expansive organization, D’Arcy Myers’ significant experience and leadership skills should help him excel in his new position. The new interim CEO was excited to get started and lend his efforts to GamCare’s invaluable efforts. His proactive approach should be what GamCare needs to remain relevant in the rapidly changing gambling world.

I look forward to meeting as many staff, service users, and partners as possible in the coming weeks.

D’Arcy Myers, GamCare interim CEO

Myers’ experience includes leadership positions at high-profile charities like Allergy UK, The Percy Hedley Foundation, the TV and Film charity, and The Solicitors Charity. He has demonstrated his ability to unlock the potential of community-focused organizations, improving their efficiency and social impact. As a trustee of several voluntary organizations, his leadership can unlock new synergies for GamCare.

GamCare Retains Its Pivotal Role

One of Myers’ primary challenges will be guiding the organization through the intense consultation process regarding the upcoming UK white paper. The government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport continuously seeks feedback from gambling industry stakeholders, helping implement effective reforms. Myers’ broad experience should provide valuable new insights, aiding the consultation process.

While collaboration with the authorities remains vital, the new interim CEO must also focus on GamCare’s public-facing efforts. The charity continuously promotes gambling harm awareness and self-exclusion schemes, collaborating with high-profile organizations to bolster its reach and help as many individuals as possible. Maintaining such strategic initiatives should remain a leading priority.

As GamCare embarks on this new chapter under D’Arcy Myers’ guidance, the organization is poised to make significant strides in its mission to minimize gambling-related harm and support those in need. His leadership will drive innovation, collaboration, and a renewed focus on protecting vulnerable communities while promoting a safer gambling environment.

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